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We Hack Purple Podcast Episode 79 with Isabelle Mauny

July 05, 2023 Tanya Janca / Isabelle Mauny
We Hack Purple Podcast
We Hack Purple Podcast Episode 79 with Isabelle Mauny
Show Notes

In episode 79 of the We Hack Purple Podcast host Tanya Janca spoke to Isabelle Mauny , Field CTO and founder of 42Crunch! Isabelle and Tanya met way back in 2018, at an API Security workshop in Britain, having no idea they would be friends for years to come! Isabelle is extremely passionate about securing APIs, and has volunteered for several different groups and projects in order to try to steer our industry in a more secure direction, including being president of the OpenAPI group and lending her skills to the OWASP DevSlop project to fix up our Pixi app.

Together they discussed several of the challenges when creating secure APIs, including: BOLA (Broken Object Level Authorization), bots, all sorts of other broken authentication (not just object-level), verbose error messages, the fact that APIs are *not* invisible to hackers, and so much more. Isabelle covered how to have a positive security culture, and build out a DevSecOps program that includes API security, what the OpenAPI protocol is, and several inspiring customer success stories. We also talked about her free IDE Plugin that gives you a score out of 100 for security, and how Tanya’s first try at it she only got a score somewhere in the 20’s to start! Of course, we also talked about the OWASP API Security Top Ten, and how that helped bring the important of securing APIs into the mainstream, rather than an obscure thing only AppSec people like Isabelle and Tanya obsess over.

Isabelle also spoke about a webinar she will be on July 13, Mastering Secure API Development with GitHub and 42Crunch, you can sign up here: https://42crunch.com/mastering-secure-api-development-with-github-and-42crunch/

Get to know Isabelle:
Isabelle Mauny, co-founder and Field CTO of 42Crunch, is a technologist at heart. She worked at IBM, WSO2 and Vordel across a variety of roles, helping large enterprises design and implement integration solutions. At 42Crunch, Isabelle manages customer POCs , partners integrations and product training. She is a frequent speaker at conferences and a published author. Isabelle is passionate about APIs and enjoys sharing her experience in podcasts such as this one :)

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