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We Hack Purple Podcast Episode 69 with Scott Helme

March 02, 2023 Tanya Janca / Scott Helme Season 3 Episode 69
We Hack Purple Podcast
We Hack Purple Podcast Episode 69 with Scott Helme
Show Notes

In episode 69 of the We Hack Purple Podcast Host Tanya Janca speaks to the only person on earth who is more excited about security headers than she is: Scott Helme of Report URI! Scott talked about all the different security headers, how some are ‘new’, when and why we would use them. We spoke about why some security headers stopped being used, rogue certificate authorities, and so much more. In fact, at the end, we felt that didn’t get to finish all the things we wanted to say. There was so much more to dive into, meaning this is part 1 of a 2 part episode! 

Scott’s Bio:

Hi, I'm Scott Helme, a Security Researcher, Entrepreneur and International Speaker. I'm the creator of Report URI and Security Headers, and I deliver world renowned training on Hacking and Encryption.


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